Matthew Goldsberry, Hearing Instrument Specialist

indiana hearing instrument specialist

Matthew Goldsberry is a graduate of Anderson University. He began his professional career in mortgage lending before starting his career in the hearing healthcare industry. Matthew worked as a licensed hearing aid specialist in Champaign, Illinois and another in Chicago, IL. Matthew recently joined the Indiana Hearing Aid Company after relocating with his family back to the Indianapolis area. 

"I feel called to the hearing healthcare arena. I enjoy it because you get to meet people, help people, and I get to learn about all the latest hearing aid technology," he said. "I love helping people hear better and see them enjoy life more with better hearing. Honestly, it’s addictive."

Having worked in Tech Support Matthew loves his career in the hearing sciences because it combines his love of technology with his passion for helping people. 

"I do enjoy learning  about new technology and helping people utilize technology to help people do the things they like to do again and reconnect with the people they like to talk to," he said.   

Matthew and his wife have been married for 11 years and have three children. Matthew is a coach for Indy Premier Soccer Club and his two oldest children play for the Club.