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Introducing Arc AI

Arc AI is our full line of superior sounding hearing aids that connect easily and adapt seamlessly to your life. Featuring integrated sensors, artificial intelligence and industry-leading technology, they’re designed to not only help you hear effortlessly, but also live actively, too.

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Arc AI Provides

  • Discreet and stylish hearing aids that adapt seamlessly into your everyday routine.
  • Innovative Wellness Tracking technology that allows you to monitor your Engagement and Activity and detect if you fall.
  • Next-level protection for hearing aid wearers against oils, sweat, earwax, humidity, water, dust, and other foreign materials to ensure continuous operations of the hearing aids.

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Customer Reviews

Staff has always been pleasant and knowledgeable when ever I went to office. If I had any issues they were always prompt in dealing with them. Very easy to work with.

Ralph Hospodarsky, on Google

I must say that I always receive professional care and service while visiting these folks. They can fix most problems on site. Their ability to understand your changes in hearing, and the differences in hearing apps and devices allow them to improve upon your hearing needs. There is nothing worse...

Kip W., on Google

I have a very positive experience at each appointment at Indiana Hearing Aid. They are on time and efficient. They answer my questions. I was having difficulty keeping my aids in my ear canal; so they gave me different sizes of domes to try for a better fit. Excellent service!

Dontie Fuller, on Google

My husband's right hearing aid was not working. Receptionist took great care of my husband, helping with clearing wax out of his hearing aids and now working great! Thank you!

Debra Hurd, on Google

Never failed me, professional,and friendly.will not use no one else for my hearing care.😊

Tammy Coyle, on Google

Excellent service .no long wait during your appointment

Applepie2049 Evelyn, on Google

I was only dropping my neighbor off for his appointment, but knowing my neighbor the way I do, he wouldn't go back if they was a bad company.

Kathy Addison, on Google

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They took time to answer my questions about my hearing aids. I highly recommend them.

Charles Clements, on Google

Prompt, courteous and efficient. I felt my exam was thorough and professional. All my questions were answered and I left feeling confident and informed.

Margo Strodtman, on Google

I had to have a hearing aid check up, Michael was very kind to explain what was happening with it and did a cleaning. They are always kind and very helpful

Jan Short, on Google

Michael is very good at what he does. I couldn't be more satisfied with his assistance to my needs and delving into the performance I want out of my new aids. In essence, he keeps pushing me to identify what I really want. His competency is high and that is...

Steve DeBuhr, on Google

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